The aim of both Chaplaincy and Listening Services remains the same: to engage with people within their working communities in an inclusive way, ie. recognising our changing society, and the differing contexts in which people find themselves on a day-to-day basis.


This partnership arrangement has been formally recognised and endorsed by the CEO and Chief Fire Officer, James Courtney, and Volunteers Co-ordinator, Sue Butler.

A valuable, independent, listening ear supporting people through the challenges of life 

A new chaplaincy and listening service for people in workplaces across the South Yorkshire region, offering visits to workplaces, bespoke listening services and tailor made support for employees.

We are pleased to already be supporting South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

In 2015, the Chaplains at South Yorkshire Fire joined Sheffield Sports Chaplaincy to be part of a wider chaplaincy team.

This partnership provides support to 4 existing Fire Chaplains and the introduction of 1 of the Sports Chaplaincy team as an additional Fire Chaplain. 

Our aim is to build the areas we are already engaged in such as the Sporting Communities, Fire and Rescue and Medical Services where appropriate, and to develop new initiatives into the business and work communities who are currently not served by Chaplains or Listeners.

We will provide confidential pastoral care, encouraging, supporting and, where appropriate, signposting to additional support services for staff and communities in a wide range of contexts.  This will involve visiting partner organisations, being available on an informal basis as well as providing more formal Listening initiatives, where required.