Richard Edwards, Master Cutler, The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire 
“Thank you for sharing the plan for chaplaincy support within the city region.  I will be happy to endorse and promote it.”

Tony Pedder, Chair Sheffield Forgemasters, Chair Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
“The South Yorkshire Workplace Chaplaincy was a strong feature of life in the Sheffield steelworks during my time at Sheffield Forgemasters and indeed in my previous roles at British Steel and Corus.  Its demise is a loss at a time when the industry continue to face an uncertain future.  Hence, I view its replacement by a new service as a very welcome development and one which I expect a number of our employees, of whatever faith or indeed of no faith, may find reassuring.”

Andy Tüscher, Region Director, EEF, Yorkshire & the Humber
“Effective listening is a much needed requirement for any healthy, well-functioning community especially a workplace. The EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, welcomes any move to encourage workplace support and wellbeing through a listening service. The need for this type of service is as pertinent as ever especially as employees face increasing pressure from all directions.”

The Revd Canon Billy Kennedy, President of Churches Together in England for new church streams, Lutheran & Society of Friends; Leader of Pioneer Network of Churches
“Baz.  More than happy to endorse you and Linda.  Looks a great proposal.”

Revd Dr Martyn Atkins, Team Leader & Superintendent Minister, Methodist Central Hall, Westminster
“Chaplaincy is once again becoming recognised as a key means of supporting people and presenting a healthy, attractive image of Christian faith.  Care, listening, time, concern, engagement and competence, embodied in a person, present in the places where we live out our lives today, never goes out of fashion and is proper, vital Christian ministry.”

Scott Knowles, Chief Executive, East Midlands Chamber
“The pace of life seems to get faster and faster.  Technology travels everywhere with us, demanding attention, particularly at work.  Even in more traditional industries, there is increasing stress.  Every now and then, people need a release from the pressure of modern life, even if it’s just someone to talk to, and the chaplaincy and listening service, which is non-judgemental and non-sectarian, can provide that release.  We are happy to encourage and support this proposal.”

Andrew Denniff, Chief Executive, Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce
“I am sure that Chamber members are aware of the huge benefits to be gained from the provision of a non-judgemental listening service and we would be happy to endorse the good work you and your colleagues do.”

Dan Fell, Chief Executive Officer, Doncaster Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise
“The modern business environment is challenging and demanding for employees and business leaders alike.  Additionally, the social, political and financial realities of contemporary life can conspire to create difficulties for communities.  Doncaster Chamber takes mental health very seriously and believes that talk therapy can play a huge role in contributing towards healthier and happier workforces and ultimately economic growth.  I understand that for people of all faiths or no faith, the ability to access a friendly and supportive chaplaincy service within the place of work could have a substantial benefit.  I am therefore very happy to support this service which could add a significant value to businesses and their employees.”

Richard Wright, Executive Director, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry
“Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry are very happy to endorse this proposal.  The world seems to be moving at a faster and faster pace which has enormous consequences on businesses and people who work in them.  The  need for a non-judgmental, listening and supportive service for employees who feel overwhelmed by these changes has never been greater.”

A new chaplaincy and listening service for people in workplaces across the South Yorkshire region, offering visits to workplaces, bespoke listening services and tailor made support for employees.